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A Journey Within

A musical performance

Three years ago there was a moment when my life stopped.

A medical exam suggested something was wrong, and on my way to the doctor I spontaneously recorded a song which became a vow to myself.

In the song I asked What would I do if I was told this was the last day of my life?

The question was powerful and so was the answer.

One of my heart’s desires was to go traveling around the world. Another was to sing.

And so, nine months later, I went on a journey with my husband and two children.

What began as a personal choice to change things in the physical world, turned into a journey within, which opened a pathway for many poems to be written. Some of these poems were later published in a collection entitled  “Journey Poems”; my first book of poems.

I have since continued writing and began composing melodies for some of the poems.

In my show I tell of my journey, which I look at as a process of learning to choose my point of view in life.

The songs that I wrote and sing, represent the various moments of joy, as well as challenges that I encountered and insights I gained.

Most of the poems/songs are in Hebrew.  A few were originally written in English and some are being translated for a show in English.

When performing my songs, I am  accompanied by a guitarist.

Length of show: approx. 1 hour
Audience feedback:

“The show brings Shuli’s journey narrative through the songs in the most natural, open and honest way.

When alongside your story comes your melodious singing, the pleasure is enhanced.

Your authenticity touched my heart, as this is what we seek in our lives.

The simplicity, the courage to dream and fulfil your dreams are not to be taken for granted.

Your courage to step to the front of the stage, gracefully and professionally is exciting and heartwarming.

You have interwoven a flowing, gentle show, which opens the audience to the possibility of fulfilling their own dreams.
Keep flying on the wings of the songs and bring your voice to the world”.

Yehudit Peled


"You offer us an intimate and personal work, which touches on the lives of many of us. Together with the accompanying guitarist, you perform your songs in a pleasant voice, softly touching the heart .

You allow the audience to take the time between each song, each line, to be a moment with themselves, reflecting on their lives, where the ripples of your poems touch the shores of one’s soul".

Alon Kirsh.

For more information please contact me:
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